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Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz: Luz y Norte Musical

A transcription of the harp tablatures from the 1677 collection of Spanish dance music, with an introduction to Spanish baroque harp technique and the Spanish dance repertory by Astrid Nielsch. Easy to medium difficulty. Suitable for chromatic harps, lever harps, pedal harps or keyboard instruments.
Revised & newly type-set version of the 1991 King's Music edition. Harp & Hobbit Press, 2004. Spiral bound, cardbord cover, 33 pages

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Greetings from Michigan. I just ordered two of your publications (Daniel Zuluaga told me that your newer edition of the Ribayaz is improved--- [over the old King's Music edition]).
Louise K Stein, Professor of Musicology, University of Michigan

I'm a historical harpist in Boston. I perform solo, and in Renaissance and Baroque chamber groups. I play a renaissance single-row and an Italian double (by Thurau). I just acquired an arpa de dos ordenes (by Kortier), so I'm getting into the mind set of the Spanish cross-strung. I do have a copy of the Luz y Norte, but am pleased to get your version, plus the Huete. Thanks for publishing these. It's really super to work from them.
Nancy Hurrell, Boston

I was really happy to discover that you had a music sheet for the Ribayaz Tarantela, which I have been looking for... for just ages =) And as long as I'm ordering, I'll probably take the other baroque/medieval books as well, and say it's my non-birthday.
Email from a customer

I am very happy to have finally found musik sheets of ruiz de ribayaz in your Luz y Norte transcription. I am no harpist, but a guitar player (well, a wanna-be-one in training..) and I have fallen in love with ruiz´s espanoletas. Therefore, I am interested in buying your transcription. But before doing so a short question with respect to the "transcription": is it a regular music sheet any musically literate person is able to or a kind of harp specific tabulature?
Email from a customer

The music is written in piano score format and can be played on guitar or keyboard instruments as well as harp.