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CD Rent a Nightingale:
Pourquoy, doux rossignol

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Ensemble Rent a Nightingale: Asni the Harper (Astrid Nielsch), historical harps, with Gabriele Bultmann, recorders. Medieval and baroque music for recorder and harp.
Scala records 2000 * SR 10002
Recorded May 2000, Berlin. Recording engineer: Christian Hagitte. Cover design: Tino Haida

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Recorder and harp offer an appealing combination of sounds, that unfortunately is all too rare ... the harp produces a differentiated and colourful spectrum of sounds with a depth that surrounds the listener like a soft flowing fabric...the duo combines thorough knowledge of the style with playful relish and experimentation ...Gaby Bultman gives her interpretations warmth and an almost naive conviction - things that fit with the origins of the recorder as a simple folk instrument, but are not contradicting her virtuosity and refinement.