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Rohan harp


Rohirric harps usually consist of a simple soundbox and wooden frame, polished with wax or finished off with varnish. Usually the neck and head are adorned with carvings in the shape of a horse’s head. These carvings also served to hook the harp onto a strap, for easier transport. Rohan harps usually have four soundholes, which are traditionally shaped like two horse heads turned toward each other. The harps have a clear, high-pitched, piercing sound, and provide a stirring counterpoint to the grave, solemn chants of the Rohirrim. They are also used to play dance tunes.

The Rohan Harp is small enough that you could keep it on an adjustable height desk without worry of it taking up too much space, and easily pluck it off the desk in order to leave on a journey as well. Their small size means that they can easily be carried by a rider on horseback, and the people of Rohan often take harps with them on their travels and warfare, to offer comfort and entertainment at night in the camp.

Listen to music played on this harp

Miri it is
from cd 700 years of pop
an ancient Rohirric melody
Byrd one brere
from cd Rent a Nightingale
another song of the Rohirrim, that was also known in the Shire

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