Medieval Tunebook cover

Medieval Tunebook

A popular selection of easy to medium difficulty tunes for harp or other instruments, and/or singers. Original texts are given for most songs. Includes an introduction to arranging medieval tunes for instruments.
Harp & Hobbit Press, 2003. A4, spiral bound, cardbord cover. 38 pages

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What people have said about this book ...

I'm loving it - I'm a VERY new beginner (3 lessons), so at the moment I'm limiting myself to playing the melodies. I'll worry about getting creative with drones etc later - much later, probably. But it's wonderful having so much background info, and the lyric translations. It helps me make so much more sense of the music.

But I regularly go back and treat myself to La Quarte Estampie Royal. I couldn't believe my ears when we played it at camp. I'd grown up listening to an "Early Music" recording that included that track, and something about its harmonies had made it really stick in my mind. It felt amazing to suddenly find myself playing it!!!! That was a real highlight of the day for me.

It's really helpful for me as a beginner having the original, plus your interpretations. I don't have the skill or knowledge yet to launch into such interpretations myself. All in all, I think it's a brilliant book and I'm really really really glad I bought it. I look forward to hearing your next collection is ready!!!
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