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Diego Fernandez de Huete: Spanish Dances vol. 2 (moderate difficulty)

Transcriptions from the "Compendio numeroso de zifras harmonicas, con theorica, y practica, para harpa de una orden, de dos ordenes, y de organo", vol. I, Madrid 1702. The treatise by the cathedral harpist from Toledo is the most extensive historical source we possess for harp music before 1800.

Suitable for more experienced players. Six elaborate variation sets on old Spanish dances: Gallardas, Españoletas, La Tarantela, Las Vacas, and two Pasacalles. The pieces are suitable for single row and chromatic harps, lever or pedal harps or keyboard instruments. With an introduction by Astrid Nielsch.
Harp & Hobbit Press, 2011. A4, spiral bound, cardbord cover.

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[ABOUT HUETE: PASACALLES]: I'm a historical harpist in Boston. I perform solo, and in Renaissance and Baroque chamber groups. I play a renaissance single-row and an Italian double (by Thurau). I just acquired an arpa de dos ordenes (by Kortier), so I'm getting into the mind set of the Spanish cross-strung. I do have a copy of the Luz y Norte, but am pleased to get your version, plus the Huete. Thanks for publishing these. It's really super to work from them.
Nancy Hurrell, Boston