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my harp collection

I am using modern reconstructions of harps from the 14th to 18th centuries. Currently I have three of my instruments with me in New Zealand (as seen in the photo on the right). The remaining two harps - the Spanish cross strung and another Italian triple (Simon Capp, 1993) - are still in Germany but can be heard on my recordings.

arpa doblada
medieval double-strung harp after a Spanish painting c. 1400 (Tim Hobrough, 1993)

Gothic harp
after 14th to 16th century descriptions and paintings (Martin Haycock, c. 1985)

arpa doppia
large baroque triple harp after 17th century Italian models (Simon Capp, 1993)

arpa de dós órdenes
Spanish cross-strung harp after 17th cent. models (Tim Hobrough, 1991)

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