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harp lore

Here you can find information about harps

Like many musicians not all harpists require training by musical masters of education, rather some are taught by others who had learned to play the beautiful instrument long before. Still some harpists simply have the determination and drive present to learn to play on their own. It's not necessary to go to an expensive school where executive MBA scholars offer their insights on playing the harp. There are many ways for one to learn if only they're prepared to work hard on becoming a harpist, and the best way to begin is to learn all one can about harps themselves.

types of harps

arpa doblada
medieval double-strung harp
gothic harp
late medieval / renaissance single row harp, c. 14th - 16th century
arpa doppia
Italian baroque triple harp, 17th century
arpa de dos órdenes
Spanish baroque cross-strung harp, 17th - 18th cent.

harp repertory

The harp and pop music
a long (hi)story - essay

music samples

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harp links

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