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Hello, kia ora and welcome to the eighth Asni: harps & imagination newsletter!


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My cd project has been progressing well - the master tape is now ready to be sent to the cd press. We had a creative time in the studio, editing the recordings and mixing the sounds of my various harps and Alistair Fraser's magical taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments) with 100% pure New Zealand nature sounds which I'd recorded on my trip to various "Lord of the Rings" filming locations (see my April newsletter). I'm really very happy with the result, and the people who've got to hear it so far - including my super sound engineer, Troy Kelly of STL Audio - have been really enthusiastic and supportive.

As you can see, the cd cover and booklet are also ready to go to press - and I am really, really happy to be able to use one of John Howe's beautiful illustrations for the cover. Personally I think the cd will be worth buying just for the gorgeous cover art.

The problem that now poses itself is how to raise the funds for sending the cd to the press. The original idea was to launch the cd at John's fantasy festival in St Ursanne, which would likely have resulted in quite a few sales and helped me recover the production costs. But that trip did not happen, and now I find myself more than halfway through a recording project which has already cost me a substantial sum of my own money (studio time does not come cheap), but without the funds to finish the production so I can start selling the cd and recover my costs.

So I have been putting my thinking cap on and tried to figure out how to raise that money - we're talking about a sum of about NZ $ 3,647.00 or thereabouts, for the cd production and licensing fees.

Basically there are two options - I can sit and pray that I may get some funding, or that some label will come along and take me on. Or I can take the self-help approach and try to raise the money through subscriptions.

And this is where you, dear cherished reader of this newsletter, comes in.

Please help me spread the word. To cover the sum I've quoted, I will need to get 120 subscriptions. This is quite a steep goal for a small independent cd production such as mine, but with your help I think it can be achieved.

I would be very grateful if you would pass this information on to any of your friends or acquaintances who you think might be interested in my music. If you have your own website, or a blog, or regularly post on an internet forum, please mention it there and post a link, or direct people to my site (copy-paste the url of this newsletter,, to post a link). If you have already bought one of my other cd’s, perhaps you could play it to friends on occasion… and of course, don’t forget to pre-order your own copy or copies . I have high hopes to still get the cd ready and delivered to you by Christmas.

And this is how it will work: please send me an email through any of the links posted on this site, stating how many copies you would like to pre-order. I will keep a tally on my website, which I will update regularly, so you can follow the progress of the subscription fundraiser.

Once the required number of subscriptions is reached, I will send out an email asking people to pay. The price will be NZ$ 30 / US$22 / Euro 16.50 plus shipping expenses. Payment will be by credit card through Paypal, or if you prefer you can transfer the money directly into either of my bank accounts in Germany or New Zealand. It is very important that everyone who pre-orders a cd will pay me at this stage – please do not send me a request for subscription if you do not intend to pay. From that point on, allow approximately two months for the production and delivery of your cd – if I can raise the money by the end of October, this will be in good time for Christmas.

So what is in it for me, you may ask? – Well first of all, you will get a beautiful cd which I will only be able to produce with your support. Secondly, every subscriber will get a signed copy of the cd and a little personal extra (you never know, it might turn into a coveted collectible one day and fetch high prices on Ebay).

Thirdly, you are in for a chance to get the cd at a cheaper subscription rate. I have also applied for some funding to produce the cd, and although I am not very optimistic that my application will be accepted – Creative New Zealand grants are notoriously competitive, and I do have the wrong passport – there is a chance that I will be granted some money to pay for my cd production. I will know about the outcome of my application by 27 October – so if I do get the grant, I will offer all subscribers who have pre-ordered a cd before by 27 October a reduced price on my cd. And if I do not get the grant, I will still be able to produce the cd anyway, so this is very much a win-win situation. :D

And lastly, if you refer other people to me who subscribe for the cd, I will publish your name in the cd booklet with my warmest thank-you for your support.

PS: I will also from now on put all money from sales of my other cd’s into the cd production fund, as well as a percentage of sales from my photo prints – so please have a browse through my shop - it may take a load off your Christmas shopping. :D



Not much – well, let’s be honest – nothing at all on the performing front at the moment, though once I get that cd production under way I will be planning for a cd release party either here in Wellington, or elsewhere. Suggestions are always welcome!

I am also planning early for a trip to Europe in Summer 2009 – those of you who are in the business of organizing concerts, please let me know early on if you might be interested in booking me for a performance. Past experience teaches that two years advance planning are about what it takes to make a tour feasible – and a success. More details will follow as they emerge, for the time being I would be interested in knowing about possible dates so I can draw up a timeframe.

And of course I have to announce my next course at Wellington High School Adult Community Education – the last course for this year, “Music Appreciation” (also called “Let’s listen to some music and then talk about it”) starts on Wednesday 10 October and will be running for four weeks, Wednesday evenings from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. The August courses narrowly failed to reach the minimum number of participants, it would be great if this one would actually happen. You’ll have fun, learn a lot, meet nice people, and you won’t regret it! Rregistrations can be made through the Adult Community Education centre, ph: (04) 385 89 19, Fax (04) 802 76 76, or email:

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Now, don’t forget to order that cd….

Arohanui, from Asni


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