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Hello, kia ora and welcome to the twelfth Asni: harps & imagination newsletter!


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Apologies to you my loyal readers for being slack with newsletter-writing those past few months. But between putting the final touches on my cd production – designing the cd booklet and packaging and making it ready for print, dropping it off at the press and signing off the proofs, keeping track of subscriptions, answering potential customer’s questions, and filling in forms for copyright clearance and registering myself as a member of APRA so I can henceforth claim royalties on my own songs - and keeping up with schoolwork (not a small matter that), there has not been much time to think, let alone commit any thoughts into writing. You’ll feel just as breathless as I am by the time you get to the end of the previous sentence. And then there are all those updates on my website that people are already stepping on my toes about... I'll get round to it eventually.

Anyhow, this is just to let you all know that last Friday I went and picked up my boxes full of spanking new cd’s. I got a cheaper deal by buying them unassembled, so now I am sitting and patiently fitting the bits and pieces together – outer tray, inlay, inner tray, cd and booklet, there you go. I will start mailing them out this week, but please bear with me if it takes me a few more days to get them in the mail. I’ll do my best to have all my pre-ordered cd’s in the mail by the end of the week, I promise.

Also, there are still a couple of people who HAVE NOT PAID. If you want your cd, please do so soon – I cannot send out copies unless I have received your payment. Thanks!

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Apart from that, I had a lovely if short-ish summer holiday up in Northland over Christmas – I spent a few days on a beach on Karikari peninsula which is as close to Earthly Paradise as it gets (even including the sharks), then drove up to the very northern tip of New Zealand to celebrate the New Year appropriately with a pilgrimage to Cape Reinga aka Te Rerenga Wairua (“The Jumping point of the spirits”) on New Year’s day. According to Maori belief, this is where the spirits of the departed enter the spirit world and travel back to blessed Hawaiiki, their mythical land of origin. And a likely spot it is for an entry to the Other Realm – here is where the warm waters of the Tasman Sea clash with the cooler ones of the South Pacific Ocean, and on a good day, you can literally see the rift in the fabric of the world.

On my way back down south I spent a few nights in Waipoua Forest, sitting by a stream and reading Robin Hobb, and sketching a few ancient kauri trees besides. All in all it was well worth the drive, even if I had a scant two weeks to spend. What is even better, by the end of them I was actually looking forward to being back in school, which is probably an indication that I am heading in the right direction there.

In harping news, I've just been spending a day playing at the medieval market in Levin (formerly the Manakau Medieval Fair) - a gig I've been doing these past few years and which is always very pleasant. I'm taking turns with a couple of other bands from Wellington, Windfarm (formerly the Remu consort) and the splendid Tangerine, who specialize in Middle Eastern music, and it's always nice to catch up. Besides, the market is truly fabulous, not so much for its authenticity (which may be questionable) but because it lures all sorts of strange and wonderful craftspeople out of their little workshops that you mostly know nothing about unless you meet them at the Fayre about once a year. As usual, I was sorely tempted to leave most of my fees at the fair, but after a long inner struggle I decided that maybe my need for that funky little windchime made out of old cutlery wasn't after all that great, although if that medieval costume had not been a couple of sizes too large... I did come away with some homemade preserves though, and spring onions, a dollar a bunch, or two for a dollar... :-D

Well, that’s me for now. I’ll try to write a real newsletter next month, for the time being, I guess I just have to stick to basics.

Arohanui, from Asni

Fern Cape Reinga Ruapehu Tane Mahuta

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