About Asni

My passion is, and has always been, colour, rhythm, sound and shape. I see and hear patterns of beauty in art and in nature, in the stories told and lives lives by people. These patterns - or call them ideas - do not confine themselves to either colour or line, either sound or image, either thought or feeling. So why should I be confined to expressing them in one medium only?

My whole life I have been asked to make that choice. Always, it has starved one part that is essential to the whole of me, and how I express myself in my work and living. Jack of All Trades, Master of None - that's a slur I often hear. But is it not unbearable narrowness to focus ones skills to such a narrow point that the brightness and colour, the richness and endless variety of detail of what the ancients used to call the Universal Music, is quite lost to sight - or hearing - or thought - or feeling - as our choice may be?

My first and most immediate expression has been as a painter, from the age of two - but my first and most thorough training has been in music. I think of music as they did in the Middle Ages, when the term encompassed a vast range of spiritual, intellectual and artistic concepts and activities, of which the composition and performance of organized sound was only a small and quite lowly part. It was all about the Divine Proportions which govern the universe and our human body, and which can be made visible in the architecture of a Gothic cathedral, and audible in the sound of voices singing in consonance. It was not about dazzling displays of technical virtuosity then, not about who had the most raving fans or whose artwork fetched the highest price, not about making the Artist with an A into a substitue for that sense of meaning which we seem to have lost since we have been forced to keep staring down at that narrow little point of our specialization, instead of looking up and out to see the bigger picture.

I am a multimedia artist. I do not wish to have to choose between music or visual art, digital or traditional media, an arts career or an intelllectual or a technical or a business career. For me, in my work, my thought, my imagination, these aspects of creativity endlessly influence and enrich each other. Failing to choose one medium, one career above all others is not a weakness, or indecision - it is a conscious choice, and my greatest strength.